Agile Poject Manager

Position: k.A.

Start: 01.07.2019

Ende: 31.07.2020

Ort: Großraum Berlin, Deutschland

Anstellungsart: Freiberuflich

Stundensatz: k.A.

Letzte Aktualisierung: 26.06.2019

 Aufgabenbeschreibung und Anforderungen

For my client from Berlin I'm looking for an Agile Project Manager, with experience in Scrum/Kanban, with a technical background and deep understanding of all phases of app development. You will be leading a friendly team, working closely with the Product Owner, setting deadlines and guiding the team through the agile process until delivery. You will also be communicating and presenting demos to the stakeholders based in London, so be ready for some travelling. If you're an extrovert with an Agile mindset, experienced in Technical Product Development, able to implement the 'get things done' moto in the daily routine of your team, this should be your dream job!


Projektleitung / -management (IT)
Projektleitung / -management / PMO