Senior Digital Program Manager (DPM) – IoT Digital Services

Position: k.A.

Start: 01.04.2020

Ende: 30.04.2021

Ort: Großraum Hamburg, Deutschland

Anstellungsart: Freiberuflich

Stundensatz: k.A.

Letzte Aktualisierung: 24.03.2020

 Aufgabenbeschreibung und Anforderungen

Ideal Candidate Reporting the head of IoT Delivery Head - Solutions & Software Development track, the person will perform the role of business analyst, scrum and onsite digital program coordinator. Should understand different (latest and greatest) digital innovations and execution of innovative ideas. We are currently seeking a good foundation of Technical skills followed by ability to work and handle customer onsite. We value our professionals, providing comprehensive benefits, exciting challenges, and the opportunity for growth. This is a Contract position and the client is looking for someone to start immediately. The Digital Program Manager would need to have at least 10+ years of hands-on experience. This Candidate will be a contributing member as part of the Software Projects and IoT and Non-IoT Digital Services Platform delivery Team. Digital Program manager may also act as Scrum master and resolves impediment and have control over the scrum processes. Scrum master job description is everything from coaching team about agile scrum to delivering successful deliverables. Needs to understand priority set by the product owner, execute scrum and agile ceremonies, execute the backlog making sure that deliverables are on time with production quality. Digital Program Manager needs to be involved in team conflicts and must have good communication skills. He must be actively involved in technical matters thus finding out the gaps and ensuring product owner involvement in business decision and description of the functional flow. Also ensures observance of DoD (Definition of done). Roles & Responsibility - Strong leadership skills in leading a virtual team. - Gather & document customer IoT initiatives and requirements. Understand and Align with the customer IoT CoE objectives like Industrialize & Scale IoT - Ability to conduct Design thinking persona-based workshops to understand customer issues and suggest solutions - Conduct prototypes and PoCs for IoT digital services requirements and analysis and testing to ensure system reliability, capacity and scalability. - Work with on-site and off-shore development team to develop MVPs on Epics and User Stories and ability to contribute and work with the UI, UX teams for new mobile and web applications for IoT Digital Service Platform initiatives - Develop UMLs, Context diagrams, Class Diagrams and sequence diagrams to translate customer requirements to modular microservices and APIs - Analyze test results and coordinate with development teams for bug fixes and software releases - Develop automated devops scenarios and environments for IoT digital services to scale & industrialize - Generate test summary reports and recommendations on Architecture design document for management review (CxOs) - Suggest new tools and techniques to improve efficiency in features and functions of customer epics and user stories and software development process. - Assist in project planning, scheduling, budgeting and tracking activities. - Provide support in project design, Agile development and deployment activities. - Review and recommend improvements to existing procedures and scale MVPs (minimum viable product) to CVPs (commercially viable product) - Ability to work with the customer IT systems and multiple teams for requirement analysis and detail out Integration scenarios and deliver them as software design specification document and recommend in the customer IoT digital service platform architecture along with the Technical Architect Inputs and suggestions Desired Skills & Experience: • 1. Responsible to facilitating daily scrum, sprint planning, sprint demo and retrospective meetings. • 2. Possesses conflict resolution, does conversation by focusing on scrum values of openness, honesty and respect. • 3. Should be a friendly communicative person, because when team is moving fast in Agile, communication is the effective force which holds the team together. • 4. Needs to forecast the numbers of deliverables possible in an iteration, which is based on evidence and reliable source. • 5. Needs to be expert in estimation and planning. He knows how to create useful, reliable and practical plans for software development projects. • 6. Should be a good coach in Agile practices. S/he can coach individuals and interactions over processes and tools. • 7.Help team or individual to clarify goals and actions to achieve them. • 8. Ability to shield his team from outside distractions and interferences. • 9. Ability to ensure the correct use of scrum process. • 10. Ability to track and remove impediments. • 11. Act as a servant first, who serves his team members before considering about himself Technical Skills: • Knowledge of agile methodology and frameworks like Scrum, Kanban, XP, etc. • Good skills to coach team how to follow agile scrum, which really works. • Understand the basic fundamentals of iterative and incremental development. • Strong knowledge of Scrum theory, rules and practices. • Knowledge of other Agile approaches, like: Kanban, Crystal, FDD, XP, etc. • Knowledge about other methodologies other than Agile-Scrum, so that he can explain other methodologies to motivate his team. • Basic knowledge of software development processes and procedures to understand his team needs. • He should have knowledge about Agile techniques like: User Stories, Continuous Integration, ATDD, TDD, Continuous Testing, Pairing, Automated Testing, Agile Games. • Ability to take and understand his commitment to deliver the product on time. • Know about the value of metrics and incremental delivery. • Knowledge about tasks, backlog tracking, burndown metrics, velocity, user stories etc. • Familiar with common development practices, Service oriented environments, and Agile practices. • Certifications in Agile, Scrum, SLDC, Design Thinking, UML


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