Community Building Expert

Community Building Expert

Reisebereitschaft: Weltweit

Beruflicher Status: Unternehmer

Beratungserfahrung: 9 Jahr/-re

Sprachen: Englisch, Deutsch,

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I have over 10+ years experience working in Germany as a Teacher, Marketing & Communications Consultant, Business Developer, Entrepreneur, Community Leader & Builder, Sales & Event Organiser / Host, CX & Product Designer, As well as being a part-time Writer & Investor. ​ I have played a fundamental role in helping shape the Berlin startup ecosystem over the years from winning a Startup Accelerator program, To building the Co-Found Community, To an eventual Exit. ​ What began as a passion project and organic community initiative 8 years ago, 53 successful events, and more than 15,000+ community Members strong; Co-Found grew to become the largest startup networking community and event in Berlin. In 2019 I successfully sold my community to DCMN; And acquired it back in 2021.


Community Builder 9 Marketing & Communications consultant 12 Business English Teacher 3 + weitere Kompetenzen






Persönliche Daten

Nationalität: amerikanisch

Arbeitserlaubnis: Europäische Union,

Sicherheitsüberprüfung: Ja

Berufserfahrung: 12 Jahr/-re