Business Development / Business Analyst / Growth Management

Business Development / Business Analyst / Growth Management

Reisebereitschaft: Europa

Beruflicher Status: Freelancer

Beratungserfahrung: 23 Jahr/-re

Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch,

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The business world has changed — and will keep on changing, as I have learned during my 25 years in sales, 22 years in recruitment, and 15 years in the SaaS industry.


Over the years, I have worked with market leaders in a range of industries, including finance, B2B sales & marketing, IT services and SaaS, telco, engineering, healthcare, etc. — building up new organizational business areas & units, increasing profitability and productivity, successfully leading sales and recruitment teams. Thanks to my international background, I have also assisted global clients in Germany and other German-speaking markets as their local consultant. See my full resume for details or check out some of my recent projects as case studies: Vystem, Wojo, Appose, and Gschafft coworking. If you need help with business development, operations, staffing and recruitment, I am your man for the future — but with a long-enough professional history to be able to work smoothly with any company, be it a new tech startup or an old-fashioned family business. With me, you can simply embrace the future with optimism and confidence.


Staffing 22 Business Development 22 Projektmanagement - Office 12 + weitere Kompetenzen


Automobilindustrie 5 Banken 5 IT und Telekommunikation 15 Versorgungswirtschaft 7 Dienstleistungsbranche 20 Logistikdienstleister 5 Versicherungen 7 High-Tech- und Elektroindustrie 10 Chemieindustrie 7







Harvard Business School Online - Entrepreneurship Essentials

2022 Vereinigte Staaten

Harvard Business School Online - CORe Business Administration

2017 Vereinigte Staaten

Harvard Business School Online - Disruptive Strategies

2022 Vereinigte Staaten

General Management Program - GMP

2012 Deutschland

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Nationalität: deutsch

Arbeitserlaubnis: Schweiz, Europäische Union,

Sicherheitsüberprüfung: Nein

Berufserfahrung: 23 Jahr/-re