senior global strategy consultant

senior global strategy consultant

Reisebereitschaft: Weltweit

Beruflicher Status: Freelancer

Beratungserfahrung: 25 Jahr/-re

Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Schwedisch,

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[...] commenced his consulting career after graduate school in Germany in early 1997 with [...] then a small McKinsey-spin off focusing on strategies in the Chemical sector and other industrial industries. In late 1998 he joined Michael Porter’s Monitor Group (today: Monitor Deloitte) in Frankfurt and moved to South Africa in the early 2000s, serving clients across a wide variety of sectors and on a global basis (including: mining, pharma, tourism, financial services, industrials, and government in Africa, Europe (West & East), and the Asia/Pacific). In 2010 he left Monitor to build and head-up the Africa business of Peppers & Rogers (PRG), a global customer-centricity firm, focusing mainly on telcos and financial services clients. After the acquisition of PRG by NYSE-listed Teletech in 2012, Ivo left PRG and has been operating independently since 2013 with a focus on assisting large corporates to develop and run their own respective inhouse consulting capacities. Since 2020, Ivo has been spending a substantial part of his time in the Middle-East, mainly working with Pace Consulting advising public sector clients in the UAE.


>> Inhouse Consulting Units -- design, development, management, and general support >> Strategy Formulation -- corporate as well as BU; workshops, annual review, repositioning >> Customer Centricity -- definition, alignment, organizational implications >> Operating Model -- corporate as well as BU; design and execution >> Segmentation -- market as well as customer


Unternehmensstrategie 25 Customer Centricity 15


Bergbau 20 Banken 15 Logistikdienstleister 10 Chemieindustrie 10 Gesundheitswesen 5 Life Sciences 5 Medienbranche 5 Öffentliche Verwaltung 20 Telekommunikation 10 Versicherungen 10 Automobilindustrie 2










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Nationalität: deutsch

Arbeitserlaubnis: Europäische Union,

Sicherheitsüberprüfung: k.A.

Berufserfahrung: 25 Jahr/-re