Post Merger Integration: Lead Finance & Accounting for Workstream in Germany

Position: Leading the finance work stream in Germany for an international post merger integration

Start: 05.07.2021

Ende: 31.12.2021

Ort: tbd, Deutschland

Anstellungsart: Freiberuflich

Stundensatz: 950 €

Letzte Aktualisierung: 02.07.2021

 Aufgabenbeschreibung und Anforderungen

- Previous experience working with mergers and acquisitions on financial side required - knowledge in accounting and due diligence - Strong interpersonal skills, ability to quickly build relations - Knowledge of US GAAP - analytical skills - excel modeling skills - Ability to identify and achieve continuous improvements in process and efficiency - Project management skills - flexible when dealing with changing circumstances - Organized with a strong focue on detail but with an ability to prioritize - Project management and change management skills The role requires conceptional skills but also practical and transactional tasks in alignment with the global workstream decisions


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Mergers / Acquisitions